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                 Quang Thang  Electrical Refrigeration  Co., Ltd is Contractor  for Consultancy, design, Equipment Suppliers & Installation of cold storage :
                  - Capacity: From 3 to 10.000 tons
                  - Tempature: -250C  to +15oC
                  - Refrigerant: R22; R-134A; R-404A; R-407C; R-410A; R-717 (Ammonia)
                  - Air cooled or Water cooled  refrigeration condensing unit
                  - Cold  Storage  doors: Hinged doors or Sliding doors
                  - Spare parts and Accessories for Cold Storage: Shelving Systems, Lift Trucks, Dock Shelter, Dock Leverler, Overhead Door

Bên trong kho bảo quản lạnh Bên ngoài kho bảo quản lạnh
Inside cold storage  Outside cold storage 
Máy lạnh giải nhiệt gió Bitzer Máy lạnh giải nhiệt nước Bitzer
Air-cooled Bitzer Condensing Unit Water-cooled Bitzer Condensing Unit
Dàn ngưng giải nhiệt gió Guntner Dàn lạnh Guntner
Air-cooled condenser Guntner Evaporator Guntner

                 Basic technical requirements of cold storage:
- Cold storage  must ensure insulation, moisture proofing with surrounding environment.
- Cold storage door must be insulated, washer, position of door must be convenient for loading and storage.
- Temperature and moisture in the cold house must be even and suitable with preserved product.
- Cooling machine system is designed, chosen with sync capacity (compressor, condenser, Evaporator, Expansion Valves, …), installed according to technical requirement, operating stably, saving energy.
- Controling electric system and safe electrodynamic system automatically controls temperature and protects in case of problem.


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